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Father’s Day 2022

Jun 17, 2022 9:42:19 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

There’s no one in the world quite like your father.


A father is a child’s first hero.


When you’re young, he holds your hand so you don’t fall. Teaches you to ride a bike. Reads your favorite books. Helps you surprise Mom.


And, as you grow older, you realize the changing importance of Dad. When his arm’s not around you – through whatever life throws your way – he has your back with years of wisdom and insight.


All you Dads: Today, the world needs you.

It needs your lessons. When I think of all these wonderful fathers – and my father – I think of their lessons – and a pattern of principles. Principles like:


Going the extra mile.


Showing care and compassion.


Serving others.


Doing the right thing.


Not giving up.


Yes, some of the same principles we embody here at Pacifica Senior Living. Principles to live by and work by – teaching, caring, comforting, encouraging. Fatherly principles that drive and change a company. To seek a Pacifica way.


So, at Pacifica Senior Living we celebrate fatherhood and appreciate all the fathers we know that make a difference:


First, dads that are health care professionals curbing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. They have enabled our company, our senior living campuses, our families and friends to remain healthy and safe.


Then, fathers that are part of our campus teams. Their knowledge and teaching encourage and inspire our residents. The work they do transforms our senior citizens.


Next, all the fathers and grandfathers at our Pacifica Senior Living communities. These men have inspired their families and have led remarkable lives. They are the principal reason why we are here.


Finally, all the dads on our company staff – at our headquarters and in the field. They keep the daily operations of Pacifica smooth and efficient.


Yes, this year, let’s honor and praise ALL the fathers. Their families, their communities and their world needs them.


Now, more than ever.


Deepak Israni

Managing partner,

Pacifica Senior Living LLC

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