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Friendship Found: How Two Friends Reconnected at Pacifica Oceanside

Mar 27, 2023 2:40:36 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

Ray and William AKA “Bill”, first met in the third grade in their hometown of Inglewood, California, and their friendship was instantaneous. Ray’s favorite childhood memory was the idyllic camping trips his family would take him and Bill on to Wrightwood Mountain.

The boys spent summers exploring the surrounding area and swimming in the lake. The duo were inseparable, and remained best friends all throughout their teen years, despite attending different high schools.

As they grew older, the two remained close. At the age of 21, both Ray and Bill married the loves of their life: Lorna and Phyllis. Both men had the honor of being the other’s best man at their weddings, an unforgettable moment they were able to share by each other’s side.

As both men embarked on the journey of marriage, they ended up joining the military service, and because of this, they unfortunately lost touch with one another.

Little did Ray and Bill know that one day, they would be reconnected once again at Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside over 60 years later. 

Ray has been a long time resident of Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside, and was happily settled before Bill moved in. Upon Bill’s arrival at Oceanside, his wife Phyllis recognized Ray’s name on his door, and knew it had to be the same person they had known all those years ago. It was an incredible surprise to realize that Ray and Bill had once again been reconnected. 

From that moment on, the two best friends were able to reunite and share joyful stories, laugh together, and make new memories. Ray shared, “It was meant to be. I was able to have my best friend again and be there by his side until the end”. 

After a wonderful time spent shared with his best friend, Bill peacefully passed away on January 27th, 2023. Ray has expressed such gratitude that he was able to share this time with Bill before his passing.

Bill brought so much joy to not only Ray, but all his friends, family, and the entire Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside community.

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