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Why Aquatic Exercise is Perfect for Seniors

Sep 18, 2021 12:31:00 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

Aquatic exercise is a fun way for our senior residents to get active, offering many physical benefits. Many Pacifica Senior Living communities offer pools for residents to enjoy at their leisure, making it easy to partake in aquatic exercise while calling our residences home. 

As a person ages, he or she may decide to enjoy aquatic exercise as an alternative to lifting weights for building lean muscle, or a less intense alternative to cardio exercises like running. Below, we’ll discuss some of our experts’ top reasons residents may consider including aquatic exercise as part of their daily routine.

Aquatic Exercise Unloads Our Joints

Exercise and physical therapy can lead to joint pain, especially as a person ages. By exercising in water, a person can minimize his or her risk of injury and pain due to the low-impact nature of aquatic activities. While in water, synovial fluid is able to rise to the surface of a person’s joints carrying nutrients, minimizing the effects of stress. As a result, our residents may enjoy nearly pain-free exercise and rehabilitation when participating in our aquatic activities. 

Exercising in Water Reduces Risk of Falls

When a person ages, falls become an increased source of concern -- particularly during intense exercise. Instead of exposing residents to risks associated with running, jumping, and other cardio activities, our aquatic exercise programs offer an alternative with fewer fall risks. 

Stimulate The Mind and Body

Running and weightlifting may not feel as fun and mentally stimulating to some individuals as they do to others. Swimming is a fun alternative to traditional exercise options, letting residents enjoy time with their friends while improving their health and staying fit. 

Improved Confidence and Feelings of Wellbeing

The low-impact nature of aquatic exercise creates opportunities for our residents to improve their strength with fewer complications than traditional workouts. As such, many residents report improved outlooks for their health, stating they felt better about themselves than they did when participating in higher impact exercise, like running. 


We invite families to learn more about the aquatic exercise options available to our residents by chatting with us. By touring our community, our staff can show you our pools and aquatic facilities -- we look forward to seeing you!

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