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Building A Better Retirement Through Technology

Mar 3, 2021 2:17:05 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

In 2020, it has become more apparent than ever, and more important than ever, that senior living takes a full-service approach to how modern technology is integrated into their communities and their care. For the Baby Boomer Generation—who represent the vast bulk of retirees these days—having a strong technological backbone to your community is becoming more a necessity than ever, and it’s something that Pacifica Senior Living has been aggressively working towards in recent years.

a caregiver shows a resident how to use tech in a pacifica senior living community


One of the biggest technological leaps that has been made in senior living in the last few years is the use of smart watch technology. More than just a watch, these devices can work as a quick and easy way to have seniors monitor several of their own vital signs, and serve a way to ensure that they are as healthy as they are happy. Additionally, these watches can also be used to keep track of residents both within their community and outside of it—something especially useful for residents at risk of becoming lost or disoriented over the course of the day.

In almost all of our communities are equipped with free high-speed Wi-Fi for our residents to use and enjoy. While Wi-Fi access is something taken for granted these days, it still represents an important first step in creating the technological connection our seniors need. To go along with this, we have been outfitting our communities with iPads and other tablets for our residents to use upon request, and they use them to connect with their families. Bringing this technology into their hands has resulted in great improvements to the morale and quality of life of our communities, and has helped to alleviate some of the difficulties 2020 has presented within them.

2020 has also seen the meteoric rise of telehealth as a common and reliable option for people, especially seniors, to receive the quality medical care they are used to, but while in the security of their own homes. Telehealth systems give our residents the means to speak with doctors and specialists, have problems assessed and diagnosed, have medications managed, and more without ever having to step outside the walls of their community—and with more than half of seniors citing telehealth’s convenience as a benefit over traditional doctor’s visits, this modern adaptation may very well be here to stay. Pacifica has been an early adopter of this practice, and we will continue to provide it to our residents as long as there is a need for it, as keeping our communities safe is one of our top priorities, no matter which community you or your loved one calls home.

At Pacifica Senior Living, we do our very best to change with the technology that comes along to aid our seniors in their comfort and care. We take immense pride in the service and care we are able to provide the senior community, our residents, their families and loved ones, and we will always work toward improving ourselves and the lives of our residents every single day.

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