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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Pacifica

Mar 16, 2022 1:42:10 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

At Pacifica we understand the importance of keeping active - both physically and mentally - as you age. That is why hosting events, activities and interactive recreational programs is a key part of our community programs.

We offer a variety of different activity types depending on the needs and abilities of our residents. Physical Wellness is key, but we also focus on Reminiscent activities for memory care residents, social engagement which helps build bonds and friendships between residents and neighbors, and cognitive stimulation such as crafts, games and projects which can help promote strong visual, spatial and language health. 

St. Patrick's Day is a special day, and many of our communities host events or themed parties, but we always have these core values and goals in mind when planning experiences for residents. Learn more about how targeted programs and activities can help combat feelings of isolation.

Crafting and artistic projects are a big focus at Pacifica because working with your hands can be stimulating both physically and mentally. From a physical standpoint, participating in art based hobbies like painting, knitting, paper crafts, and various forms of art can be hugely beneficial to seniors. Using your hands can help to fight ailments such as arthritis and joint pain or stiffness, as well as strengthen motor skills and coordination.

Mentally, these types of fun tasks promote strong cognitive skills, and are great tools used in Memory Care programs to prompt reminiscence and memories, or to generally keep brains active and engaged.

Artistic or ‘making’ activities are also great for emotional health. Social programs like those linked to St. Patrick’s Day events can help build connections and friendships, as well as reduce stress and help residents feel at home in their communities. You can learn more about how arts and crafts can benefit seniors here or view our activity calendars at any one of our community websites. 

Across our national communities, there are so many great activities residents and visitors can get involved in. Some of our communities are making festive shamrock, rainbow, and paper-chain decorations; while others such as the Meridian at Laguna Hills are enjoying St. Patrick’s Day themed snacks like shamrock shakes, corned beef, and yummy decorated cookies.

This year, our communities are excited to be able to host St. Patrick’s Day parties and events visitors can attend, in many cases. We love being able to share experiences with loved ones and others in our community, and having guests visit is a great enriching experience for residents and a way to show families all the wonderful things we do here at Pacifica.

From Irish Dancers to themed meals, to playing St. Patrick’s day Lucky Bingo, or attending a parade, our Pacifica Communities are celebrating in style. To see what activities are taking place in your local community, take a look at our Facebook and Instagram, or book a tour to come see for yourself!

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