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The Power of Friendship in Senior Living Communities

Jun 7, 2023 3:38:23 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

Friends are some of the most important people in our lives. They can make us feel loved, encourage us to have fun, and are some of the strongest and deepest types of connection we form with others. For seniors and older adults, having friends can have a profound effect on their mental health, quality of life, and overall well being.

Friendships, and connections with others, are one of the biggest benefits of living in a senior living community. In a community, you are surrounded by fellow peers and neighbors in your age group. On top of that, the communities offer a variety of activities, classes, and events that encourage you to meet other residents and form bonds with others in your community.

Joey and Lorie of Oxnard
Joey and Lorie of Pacifica Senior Living Oxnard
Debbie and Pat of Tampa Gardens
Debbie and Pat of Tampa Gardens Senior Living
Suzanne and Nancy of Pacifica Senior Living Riverside
Suzanne and Nancy of Pacifica Senior Living Riverside
Best friends from Bakersfield
Best friends from Pacifica Senior Living Bakersfield: Scarlett, Alice, Shirley, Pat and Sandy
Two of the friends from Colonial Heights Senior Living

Whether it is meeting a friend in a shared dining space, joining a weekly club, striking up some friendly competition at bingo or a card game, or bonding over shared interests like gardening, walking groups or book clubs, senior living communities offer so many ways to make new friends.

Aging can be a lonely experience, and for many, getting older means encountering more obstacles that prevent social activities. Getting around, driving, or hosting friends can become harder, and seniors can find themselves becoming isolated from friends and loved ones. Communities help to combat this by bringing people together and taking the pressure and work out of hosting. We set up, host, and clean up events so all our residents have to do is enjoy spending time with one another.

This Best Friends Day, our communities are celebrating by sharing some of the stories of great friendships formed in their own senior living communities. We love seeing the bonds, partnerships, and life long friendships that form between many of our residents, and enjoying hearing how our activities and programs are helping to create a vibrant and rich lifestyle for all that live with us.

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Joey and Lorie both live at Pacifica Senior Living Oxnard and met in early December. They have been stuck like glue ever since Lorie moved in, and the two are the best of friends. They began talking when coming to activities, and they found out they were both from New York. They also bonded over the fact that they both have sons they adore and that help them a lot.

They enjoy trips and outings because they know they have each other to sit with on the bus rides, and to enjoy having fun with. They both love our gardening days and could stay out in the sun all day.

Their silliest memory was at lunch in our dining hall. Once they heard each other ask for "coffee," they heard each other’s New York accent; thinking to themselves "Heyyy, she talks like me." Since then, these two meet up for our morning workout classes, have lunch together, go on our outings together, and sit out on the patio all day together just enjoying one another’s company.

Debbie and Pat are both residents of Tampa Gardens Senior Living. These two lovely ladies met in our Memory Care community, and have been best friends since their very first day. They enjoy taking walks together, listening to live music and dancing! Debbie and Pat spend most of their time together, and it is said that their friendship is so strong that they “would follow each other until the end of time.”

Suzanne and Nancy are best friends that met at Pacifica Senior Living Riverside. They love having fun together and “boogying.” The pair balances each other out, and they are always by one another’s side making each other laugh and helping when one of them needs a hand. We love seeing this friendship that flourished in our community.

Scarlett, Alice, Shirley, Pat and Sandy are five of our Memory Care residents from Pacifica Senior Living Bakersfield that consider each other best friends. The group does everything together, from sitting at the same table for all meals, to participating in the same activities. They are so connected, that they won’t start eating until all five of them are together, and  if one doesn’t want to do a certain activity, the other ladies won’t either. These ladies are inseparable!


Colonial Heights Senior Living also has a group of tight-knit friends who met over 60 years ago through a social club called “Jubedee”. The group included a number of couples that would enjoy picnics, dances and even golf outings together. Mary was one of the key members along with her husband Rich, as were Joyce and her husband. The group became very close, and formed lasting connections that spanned the years. 

In fact, Mary came to live at Colonial Heights Senior Living because Joyce, who was already a resident, told her how great it was to live here. Now they do many activities together and continue to have meals together as well. Their friendship flourishes even today as Mary calls Joyce her very best friend. 

Bill was another member of the “Jubedee” group who moved into Colonial Heights Senior Living with his wife Joan, and he considers Mary’s husband Rich one of his very best friends. Bill still goes on Wednesday morning outings to have breakfast with the guys from the group to this day.  

It is wonderful to see that many of the friends from this group are living here at Colonial Heights Senior Living. They have had a chance to continue sharing good times and are thankful to have this opportunity to look back and reminisce on days past.

Learn more about our vibrant communities, or join us for an event in your local area! There is always something going on at a Pacifica Senior Living community. Come out, get to know us, and make some new friends! 
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