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Continued Education For Seniors

Mar 3, 2021 2:18:48 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

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Education is an important part of life, no matter how old or young you are. The desire to learn—and often to learn something new—is a powerful driving force that allows us to explore our imagination, sharpen our minds, and spend our days in the pursuit of a better self. But, how do you go about learning when you’re older?
School is expensive and time consuming and often cannot be done from the comfort of your own home. Teaching one’s self comes with its own perils and pitfalls that are not easily overcome without access to a teacher or an expert in what you’re studying. So what is left?

This is where continuing education programs come in and thrive. Though often taught by volunteers, these continuing education classes are intellectually stimulating, can be on a wide variety of topics—from classical music and psychology to nuclear energy and American history—and are a wonderful way for seniors to flex their mental muscles in a social setting in the environment they are most comfortable in. These classes include lifelong learning programs often sponsored by local senior support groups and councils on aging where our residents may already be attending activities, or as part of groups that are providing activities to their senior living community.

For years, studies have shown that engaging in the learning process and keeping the brain active may even help prevent or delay the onset of dementia, and Alzheimer’s researchers have focused on senior education as a possible social and holistic approach to combatting the memory-loss conditions that may develop as we age in conjunction with a healthy diet, moderate exercise, and frequent social connections. It’s clear that wanting to learn, wanting to expand the mind, is a great way to help make sure the mind stays sharp in the first place.

At Pacifica Senior Living, we believe in building our communities around several pillars of wellness and well-being in our residents, and intellectual well-being is one such pillar. To this end, many of our communities offer continuing education programs to any and all residents who want to take some time and sit in on a class or two. There is always a topic to dip your toe into, and always something to pick up and learn as you go about your days as a member of our community. Some of our communities even use TED Talks as an additional source of continued education for our senior residents. And, as always, these continuing education classes are free of charge to our residents, as we are more than happy to help them explore their interests, keep their minds sharp, and continue their education into their golden years.

As members of the Pacifica Senior Living family, we are always here to help you and your loved ones achieve their goals and live every day to its fullest, so come join us, take a class, and let’s learn something new together.

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