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Cozy Up Your Space For Fall: How to make your apartment feel like home

Sep 28, 2022 11:05:07 AM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

Fall is the time for big sweaters, warm drinks, and everything cozy. There is no better time to give your home a refresh. Whether you are a fan of festive decor, like pumpkins, Thanksgiving fair or even spooky halloween decorations, or you are looking for warm colors and comfortable textures, there are so many ways you can cozy up your space this season.

One of the biggest myths about senior apartments or retirement communities is that they are stale, boring, or have no personality. The truth is, most senior housing communities allow you to add your own personal touches to your space, and encourage you to make your apartment feel like home. Bring photos, personal items and touch of your own style to your space. Adding personality and your own touch on a space will help it feel like home - not just like an apartment.

This fall, enhance your daily living with these tips and tricks for making your apartment a more comfortable, cozy, and inviting space.

Add Texture:

Adding coziness and warmth to a space is all about texture. It is a simple but effective way to make a home feel more inviting and warm. Blankets, throw pillows and rugs can do wonders for adding character to a room, and you can choose any style, color or pattern you like! There are tons of options for textiles and fabrics and with removable covers, you can update your pillows with the seasons, or as your preferences change. Go soft and cozy for the fall, or add a pop of color for brightness. The style is up to you. 

Update Your Window Treatments:

Changing up your curtains or window dressings can be a great way to add some flare to a space. For a cozier feel, you can exchange light and airy curtains with thicker, more dense fabrics. If you live  in a colder climate, this can help keep in the warmth, as well, but also adds the illusion of warmth and luxury.

Add Artwork and Wall Decor

Photographs, artwork, or personal wall decorations can also make a home feel warmer and more inviting, while adding a lot of personality. If you are moving to a Senior Living home from a family home or loved one’s, chances are you already have photos or art you may wish to bring with you. Anything from family photos to paintings, photography, or prints can add character and style to a space. Create a collage of frames for an impressive statement wall that will bring lots of smiles and memories, or opt for paintings that liven up the area. Whether you are bringing wall decor with you, or are looking for something new, there are lots of cost effective options for those styling on a budget. You can even make a project out of it and get together with family or friends to paint your own artwork you can hang on the wall - it will be both a budget friendly way to spruce up a space, and act as a fun activity you can remember fondly every day. 

Choose Warm and Cozy Colors

Color plays a big part in making a space comfortable and inviting. If you are looking to make your home cozy, adding earth tones and warm colors is a great way to go. Consider rich creams, tans, and browns, as well as anying in the yellow, red, or orange family. You can go subtle, or add a bright pop of color, depending on your preference, but this color palette is a great way to warm up a space.

Consider deep, rich colors like burgundy or rust, paired with warm and creamy neutrals. Having a calmer set of base colors with pops here and there - like in pillows, bedding, vases or throw blankets  lets you change up your style with the seasons. Simply switch out the colors as the weather adjusts.

Consider Adding House Plants

Indoor plants can also add warmth to a space, and make a home more inviting. You can pick and choose any plants you like - from small shelf plants to floor plants and anything in between. There are so many options, and finding the type of plant to suit both your style and maintenance level is a great way to add some love into your home. If you live in a warm climate and want something low maintenance, succulents or cacti are great options, or you can opt for popular houseplants like philodendron, air plants, ferns, or eucalyptus. Not sure about the upkeep of indoor greenery? or looking for a more pet-friendly option? You can always opt for artificial plants, which give you even more options - choose from greenery, or select a floral arrangement that will stay fresh all season long. These are a great way to get florals that fit your color scheme. 

Add Inviting Scents

Smells can trigger powerful memories, and set a mood in a room. Adding essential oils by way of a diffuser, scented sticks, or plug-in scents can add cozy scents to a space. Choose warm and inviting natural oil or curate fall scents to add that extra touch in your home. 

Find Your Pacifica Senior Living Apartment

Pacifica Senior Living has a wide variety of housing options including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartment options, as well as villas and cottages to choose from, depending on your needs and style. From California to Florida, and many states in between, we have a range of senior living communities to choose from that cater to independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Whether you are looking for a quaint space, an independent living community in the heart of a bustling city, or a room with a view, we can help you find the perfect space for you. While each of our communities have their own style, we encourage our residents to make their space their own, adding personal touches and decor so that they can feel comfortable and cozy in their homes.

Browse our full list of communities, or reach out to us with any questions about our senior living options. Our apartment communities include a wide variety of care services and on-site amenities for older adults, from club-houses to fitness centers, activity programs and so much more. With options to cater to your specific level of care, there is a community that is just right for you or your loved one. We can’t wait to welcome you home.

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