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Go Green this Earth Day with Pacifica Senior Living

Apr 21, 2022 8:00:00 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

On April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day, a time to reflect on and appreciate our amazing planet. Earth Day is both a celebration and a chance to evaluate the way in which we are treating our one Earth. Volunteer initiatives host park and neighborhood clean-up days, many people turn to eco-friendly options for their daily lives, and we assess the ways in which we can help protect and conserve our planet.

Pacifica Senior Living is committed to making our company an eco-friendly one. We previously embarked on a green initiative that has seen many of our communities turning to more eco-friendly options in a variety of ways. It is something that we are always conscious of and trying to improve on.

blog_EarthDay_bannerWe are committed to going green by using reusable energy sources, like solar energy. A variety of our communities have solar panels installed, such as Pacifica Senior Living Forest Trace, and Valley Crest Senior Living among multiple other communities. Pacifica Senior Living has already invested over 16 million dollars into several of our communities that now use solar power and other eco friendly projects. We have also committed to investing an additional 5 million dollars to ongoing green initiatives.

These plans include adding solar panels to more than thirteen additional properties, as well as installing smart water flow systems to help reduce excess water use. We have also switched out lightbulbs across our communities in favor of LED light bulbs, which use far less electricity, and also last longer - a much more eco friendly option.


It is important to us that we find green alternatives to help cut down our carbon footprint and reduce emissions. Today we celebrate going green, but this is an initiative Pacifica lives by year round - we are continually looking for new ways to reduce our negative impact on the planet. You can read more about our Green Initiatives and how we are investing in our planet’s future here.

This Earth Day we want to take time to appreciate the natural beauty around us and ensure we are being kind to our Earth. While we are making these changes on a national and company-wide scale, there are many things you can do to help reduce your footprint. Reducing your use of single-use plastic in favor of reusable options, biking, walking, or using public transport when possible, cutting down on electricity use, growing native plants, or even starting your own vegetable garden can all help promote a healthy, natural planet.

Today is a great day to get outside, and enjoy all our Earth has to offer. Go for a stroll, do some gardening, volunteer with a neighborhood senior living community, or simply sit out in nature. Whatever way you choose to celebrate Earth Day, take the time to reflect on all our beautiful planet has to offer, and how making a few changes can make a big difference to our planet’s health. Together we are working towards a brighter, greener, cleaner future for us all.

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