Embracing the Magic of the Holidays at Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside

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We checked our event invitation to confirm we had everything right: December 4th at 11:30, for Pacifica Senior Living’s Jingle Bell Brunch. The anticipation was high. Driving up to the front building, we were welcomed by beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations, and residents eagerly on their way to the event.

As we opened the doors and stepped into the foyer of Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside, we were immediately greeted with the festive serenading of Santa’s Sweethearts, a singing group performing classic Christmas songs in three part harmony.
The entryway was decked out in holiday decorations including a towering Christmas tree and cozy fireplace, while the dining hall was bustling with activity.

Amidst the entertainment, residents and visiting guests were already lining up for the brunch fare. Friendly servers, dining staff, and sales team members greeted us with warm smiles and friendly faces as they served up a truly delicious meal. Everything from Belgian waffles to sausage, bacon and eggs, to delicious shrimp, and perfectly seasoned vegetables were available from hungry patrons. And, of course, orange juice and mimosas were flowing.

Mindful team members were quickly adding additional seating as the dining hall began to fill with excited seniors, taking in the full experience.

senior residents from Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside pose in front of the Christmas tree together

We watched as residents, guests, and family members laughed and ate together, enjoying each other's company as well as the amazing food. As the caroling continued, audience members sang along to their favorite tunes, and danced amidst the palpable joy. 

The feeling throughout the community was one of holiday cheer, and it was immediately evident how much fun everyone has at Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside. Team members chatted with residents, family members visited with loved ones, and guests experienced it all for the first time. video of pacifica senior living oceanside Christmas event

This is the feeling of Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside, a home that is truly based in community. Residents and staff members all know each other with a familiarity that can only be described as family, and the camaraderie and liveliness could be seen at every turn.

Pacifica Oceanside is known for their excellent events. From holiday brunches to summer barbeques, fall festivals, or their upcoming candlelight dinner. The decor is always stunning, the food is incredible, but above all, there is a sense of connection, community, and care.

We spoke with one resident, Louise Marie, whose dear friend Cheryl comes to visit for nearly every event because they're simply that good. When we asked Louise Marie - Pacifica Oceanside’s unofficial social butterfly - what her favorite part of the event was, she said,

“All of it. The event itself, the friendliness, the staff - I like the meal setup. As you can see I can help myself to different things, and the music as well.”

Another resident, Louis B., told us her favorite part about living at Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside is the social aspect and the happy hours.

pacifica senior living oceanside resident Louis“When I first came here, my mom was in senior living and all she did was go downstairs to dinner, and then she'd be upstairs all day. From the lounge, to the window, to bed. And I thought oh my gosh, this is not a way to go. When I came here I was so shocked . I said, 'it's wonderful!' I have all the freedom in the world. I can go out when I want, do as I please, and it's like home.” 

We also asked her to share her favorite holiday memories with us:

"I love them all. We party, and they do a wonderful job of decorating and making it comfortable for us… I've enjoyed all my holidays here…We have nice entertainment and we have a lot of fun together.” 

The vibrant energy is something you can feel immediately upon visiting. Residents are chatting, laughing, and enjoying time with one another, even teasing staff and sharing jokes with one another. The community feel makes what can be a tricky situation - moving a loved one to a senior community - much more manageable, and indeed, positive.

In speaking with the family of a resident Wayne, they shared their concerns about encouraging their father to move to an Assisted Living home. Now, not only does he live so much closer to his family in Oceanside, but Wayne is able to enjoy delicious meals, participate in daily activities, and enjoy the company of loved ones’ visits. Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside makes that possible.

the family of a resident at Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside pose for Christmas photo“One thing that really stood out to me - this place looks like a resort,” said Wayne’s daughter Cindy, “Any other place, the hallways just kind of look institutional…I was just really struck how [Pacifica Oceanside] is really resort-like. Good attention to detail.” Her brother chimed in, “It’s like a cruise ship on land.”

They also described one of the key reasons their father agreed to make the move to Pacifica was the pet friendly environment, and the size of the rooms. “The one bedroom apartment was almost the same size as the one he had, so I think that was a big selling factor.” Wayne could not be happier in his new home, and loves that his dog Gracie can accompany him for meals on the patio.

We also came across a couple who were touring the community. Having received an email invitation, they decided to check out Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside in person, and see what it was all about.

“Well, I was very impressed with the food for one, and the second, the room that [Community Relations Director Jiovani Diaz] showed me - I was really impressed with that. It’s roomy. The bedroom is roomy. Everything was beautiful!”

Both she and her husband noted how reassuring it was to find a lively community full of fun, great food, and entertaining events, three of the fundamentals of what make Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside so special.

Dedicated team members not only offer exceptional care, but they come to treat everyone like family, creating a community feel that resonates through the building. The bonds and connections between fellow residents are clear to see, and at the Jingle Bell Brunch, holiday spirits were in full swing.

Come check out this wonderful community, meet the team members and residents, and take a tour for yourself! Better yet, join us for the next Pacifica Senior Living Oceanside event, a candlelight dinner on December 20th. 


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