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Fall in Love with the Golden Bachelor

Oct 3, 2023 2:28:31 PM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

It’s never too late to fall in love. And recently, this sentiment has been catching on. Hit TV series: The Bachelor aired its first senior season, dubbed The Golden Bachelor” last week. The show follows a similar structure to past seasons of the hit show, which feature one Bachelor (or Bachelorette) and a number of opposite-sex potential suitors vying for their attention.

This season, the bachelor in the spotlight is Gerry Turner, a 72 year old widower from Ottumwa, Iowa. Gerry married his highschool sweetheart, Toni, and shared a loving life with her until her passing in 2017. Now, Gerry is ready to find love again, and is determined to prove to viewers that age is just a number.Twenty-two female contestants signed up to date Gerry, ranging in age from 60 to 75. Already, the many personalities are drawing interest from viewers loving this more mature version of the hit show.

Each of the ladies seems to be quite comfortable in their own skin, showcasing the beauty (internally as well as externally) that comes with age, wisdom, and experience. But that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten how to have fun. From promo videos that showcase dancing, to lighthearted jokes and lots of laughter, the tone of this season’s show has moved away from the drama and more towards the heart of what finding love should truly be about - enjoying spending time with one another.

As the global population ages, and the baby boomer generation hits their senior years, there has been a shift in both media and business towards a more senior-focused narrative. We are starting to see - albeit slowly - older adults influencing our trends and media.

The Golden Bachelor is a welcome change to former stereotypes and portrayals of older adults in film and TV. Rather than focusing on tropes like the ‘doting grandparent’, ‘old bumbling senior’ or ‘sad lonely older adult’, having a reality TV show where the cast is 60 and above allows for a unique opportunity to portray a variety of mature personalities.

Where usually a show may have one older character that fills a certain niche, now we can see a wide range of older adults showcasing their amazing lives, unique experiences, and differing views of the world. Each of the 22 female contestants provide a window into what living a vibrant senior life can really look like.

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And it’s not just peers that are watching. The Golden Bachelor has garnered fans and interest from a variety of age groups, which is doing wonders for the perception of older adults more generally. As we watch these older adults date, have fun, and - hopefully - fall in love, we are reminded that life does not stop at 60, or 65, or any other age for that matter. There is so much to get out of life and so much life to live in your golden years, and the Golden Bachelor is a wonderful reminder of that.

We are eager to see how the show unfolds, and to follow along with these lovely ladies - and Gerry - on their quest for love. We’re sure there will be a few valuable life lessons, stories, and laughs along the way.