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Five Heartwarming Stories of Friendships from Pacifica Senior Living

Apr 7, 2022 12:00:00 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

Friendship can be one of the most important parts of life. Being able to connect, share, and experience life together can make everything richer, warmer and more meaningful. It can be challenging to make new friends - or even maintain friendships - as we age, but that is the time that connections with others can be the most significant. Seniors can feel isolated or secluded as they age, especially if they live alone, and that is why communities such ours at Pacifica Senior Living and the Meridian Communities are so important to ensuring seniors have a full and rich life.We want to celebrate the friendships our residents have found in their Pacifica Senior Living communities. Through a variety of activities, events, and special gatherings, our residents have formed connections with neighbors within their community. Our wide variety of activities not only help stimulate and engage our residents, but encourage them to form connections with others, many of which become life-long friends. 


Lowan and Muriel from pacifica senior living pinehurst

Lowan and Muriel had been friends for more than 50 years, having met when they were young. They enjoyed a close friendship, but lost touch over the years. Lowan was a resident at Pacifica Senior Living Pinehurst when Muriel coincidentally moved into the room next door this past December! The two long lost friends were delighted at the chance to reconnect, and couldn’t believe their luck that they were now new neighbors.

They enjoy spending time together at breakfast every morning, and visit over coffee, catching each other up on their day. At 89 and 99, they are especially grateful for their friendship which has grown more precious with time. They are a perfect pair, compensating for one another when needed. Whether they spend their day together or are off doing their own things, they are sure to say “God willing I’ll see ya in the morning” before heading to bed.

We love seeing the friendship and bond that has been rediscovered thanks to their time together at Pacifica Senior Living Pinehurst. 

THe wino ladies of the meridian at westwood

The ladies at The Meridian at Westwood are living the motto “the more the merrier”! This group of friends are a ball of fun, and meet together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the Meridian at Westwood Social Hour. Brenda, Ina, Avril, the two Norma’s, Bonnie, Fran, and Marilyn can routinely be found laughing and joking together sharing their love of wine, and love of friendship.

 Each member of the group has joined at different times, but everyone has been welcomed with open arms - and they are always eager to have new members. They are constantly encouraging one another, helping each other, and cracking jokes together. You cannot find a closer group of friends, and the Westwood community is what brought them together! Come meet the Wonderful Westwood Winos during their next social hour.

Nancy and Barb from Pacifica senior living escondido

Nancy and Barbara met at Pacifica Senior Living Escondido and have become close friends. They enjoy doing almost everything together, from enjoying meals, to participating in daily activities, or going on strolls and outings. Their favorite thing to do, though, is just sit and chat with one another, as they both love a good conversation. It’s all smiles when Nancy and Barbara are around, and we love seeing how the Escondido community has brought them together. 

Lillian and ardie from the Meridian at Stone Creek

Lillian and Ardith (Ardie) are both residents at the Meridian at Stone Creek. Though they met only three months ago as neighbors in Assisted Living, their friendship has grown so much they feel like they’ve known one another for years. When they lived next door to one another, they could often be found tracking down Ardie’s mischievous cats - Mr. Bentley Purrs A Lot and Spunky - when they snuck out for a wander.

Ardith has recently moved to Stone Creek’s Memory Care, and Lillian continues to visit her several times a week. Her favorite activity is taking a stroll over to see Ardie and give her a big hug - which always puts a smile on both their faces.

It is amazing to see the friendship between these two incredible ladies, and how much Lillian’s friendship is helping ease Ardith’s transition to Memory Care. Theirs is a bond of true friendship that brings joy to everyone at Stone Creek.

Ann and Brenda for the Meridian at Anaheim Hills

Ann and Brenda have been friends for two years now, and meet at The Meridian at Anaheim Hills. Their friendship means a lot to them, and they enjoy being able to confide in one another, and talk about everything under the sun. They love participating in community activities together like Wii bowling, card games, but their favorite activity is walking. Ann is able to help guide Brenda - who has some vision loss - and Brenda is grateful to have her friend by her side. 

At Pacifica Senior Living, we strive to build a welcoming, friendly environment for all. The bonds and connections between our residents warm our hearts and remind us of the power of friendship. Come visit one of our communities to see how we are helping residents make new friends, get engaged, and stay active in their communities.

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