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Happy Mothers Day

May 6, 2022 11:45:00 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

My own mother was a saint in my eyes. She sacrificed, she served, and she loved unconditionally. For me and my family, she was the heart beat of the home and the center of it all. Mothers are often seen as a unifying pulse in the family and are thought to be one of the most powerful role models in our lives, capable of immense kinds of love and protection. One can hardly imagine the level of sacrifice a mother is possible of making in a time of need. 

Every year, as I grow older – with more titles and our companies occupying more space on this Earth – I still remember my mother. The role of the mother inspired much of the model on which Pacifica Senior Living communities are based: a model that includes the values and desires to serve, to teach, and to show compassion and caring to all. We strive to always lend a helping hand in time of need, and to encourage and comfort.


Of course, on Mother's Day we are also reminded of the many, many mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers who live in our Pacifica Senior Living communities. We are humbled by our ability to contribute to their incredible lives. Their drive, curiosity and capacity to be means of influence inspires us all to be more like them.


They are wonderful examples for us all, and we want to celebrate them this and every day. Thank you, mothers, for all the you have done and continue to do for us all. We are ever grateful for your lessons and the great example you have set for us all. 


Deepak Israni

Managing partner,

Pacifica Senior Living LLC


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