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Health Benefits of Gardening

Apr 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living


Gardening is a favorite pastime for many, and is a great way to get outside and enjoy spring and summer months. Part physical activity, part mental stimulation, many find it a calming, peaceful activity that is not only enjoyable at the time, but brings great rewards in the form of new life, bright colors and beautiful flowers.

Working in a garden is also very good for seniors, and has a lot of direct benefits. Gardening has been known to lower stress levels, and encourage a sense of calm. Enjoying time in nature is often associated with positive feelings, and can help fight fatigue, anxiety and tension. Getting outside also offers you a chance to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the natural mood booster of simply being in nature.

Being in a garden is also enriching for the senses. The bright colors and sweet smells stimulate sensory reactions, and help keep brains healthy. In fact, gardening has been shown to help protect against dementia and encourage healthy, active brain activity.

Seeing plants grow and thrive over time can also be extremely rewarding. Often older individuals who do not work find themselves looking for a sense of purpose, and gardening can offer an outlet. The plants need care, love, and attention, and watching over them and their growth progress can provide a level of purpose to their lives, and instill a feeling of accomplishment.

In a physical sense, gardening is also a low-impact activity that can help keep the body strong. Working in a garden requires some physical activity - whether you are doing grunt work like pulling weeds, or digging holes, or trimming bushes and planting new plants. Keeping active is important, especially as you age, and these types of activities help with physical strength as well as dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Gardening is an ideal activity as it allows for physical movement while enjoying a hobby you love - many people won’t even realize they are getting exercise when they garden.blog_Gardening_banner (1)
We absolutely love gardening at Pacifica Senior Living. Many of our communities participate in spring garden parties where they arrange flowers, plant large planters, or work in greenhouses. Our residents are getting involved in many ways to help bring a little greenery and color to their community courtyards and outdoor spaces. 

Pacifica Senior Living Snohomish has a brand new green house that they are excited to start using this season. Plants are in their infancy stage now, but they are excited to see the growth they will have over the next few weeks.

Healdsburg enjoys a gorgeous flower garden that is almost always full of color and life. Residents - and resident animals - love strolling the gardens. They have also been beautifying their patios and walkways with planters and arrangements which they planted in celebration of Earth Day

Residents at West Park Senior Living also enjoy planting arrangements and working in their raised flower beds, while Pacifica Senior Living Peoria celebrated National Plant a Flower Day with a big gardening party.

Pacifica Senior Living Fort Myers also enjoyed gardening recently, as they dug gardens and planted new growths alongside the outdoor walkways and patios for fellow residents to enjoy.

So many of our communities engage in gardening activities, and it has become a favorite pastime for many residents. No matter your physical abilities, getting out and spending time in nature, sunlight, or amongst flowers and plants can be a great way to add a little joy to your day.

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