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International Women's Day: Stories From Incredible Female Residents

Mar 7, 2024 2:09:35 PM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating the stories of amazing and groundbreaking women within our own communities. Whether it was breaking into new job roles and industries, fighting for women’s rights, or showing off athletic prowess, our residents reflected on how women’s rights have changed throughout their lifetime.
We love celebrating the accomplishments and life moments of our incredible residents. No matter how big or small, each of these experiences has molded and shaped them into the incredible women they are today. Their stories and reflections continue to offer advice, encouragement and pave the way for younger women to follow in their footsteps. 

Linda. Linda of pacifica senior living Skylyn

Linda is  a resident of Pacifica Senior Living Skylyn  in Spartanburg, SC. She was born in Spartanburg and was an honor graduate of the first class of Dorman High School. She also was an honor graduate of Winthrop College where she earned a BA in math. She completed her degree in 3 years, and then went on to gain an  MBA in banking from the University of South Carolina.

Linda taught math at Robuck Jr. High School before starting her 40-year career in banking. She said when she first started at the bank, men started as trainees and women as tellers, even though she had a degree. Despite this, she worked hard, and was promoted to Officer by the end of her first year with the bank. In fact, she was the first woman officer at C&S Bank.

From there, she won many honors, including holding the title of Top Branch in the State for 5 years. She was able to take an early retirement at age 55.

Although she initially retired, she later went to work for the First Federal Bank, and ran their largest branch. They then merged with Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T), and was given a branch to revitalize. She worked for them until age 62.

Linda continued working and went to work for a hometown bank. She ran 2 branches and made consumer loans for all bank locations. She finally retired officially from her banking career after 40 years.

She says her parents taught her to go after her dreams,and to do anything she wanted even though she was a woman. She says she was a pioneer for women, and that there are more women than men in financial roles now.

When asked what advice she would give to younger women today, she said that women have every opportunity as men. Work hard for what you want, set long and short-term goals, write them down, review them monthly, and if not you are not on track with your goals, maybe you need to rethink things.

Virginia virginia of pacifica senior living Victoria court

Virginia (Veve) is a resident of Pacifica Senior Living Victoria Court. Her life career was as a bookkeeper, and she also had a family business with her husband known as Frenchy’s Popcorn. Virginia is trilingual, speaking English, French and Armenian, the later being her primary language. Her favorite pastimes are scrolling on Facebook, dancing, and listening to old Armenian music


Angela of pacifica senior living Victoria courtAngela 

Angela also resides at Pacifica Senior Living Victoria Court.  She went to school and earned a Bachelors of Science degree. She found a rewarding career as a pediatric intensive care nurse, and later she worked at a special needs group home. Linda has five biological children and one adopted daughter. Her favorite pastimes are completing puzzles, going for walks, and greeting all our guests with love and care. 


Janice Janice of pacifica senior living Victoria court

Janice of Pacifica Senior Livign Victoria Court worked as a transfer accounts manager for Merrill Lynch. She earned a bachelors in music education, and continues to enjoy music today. Her favorite pastimes include music and Broadway, as well as tennis, one of her other passions. When she was younger, Janice won a bronze medal at a local tennis competition.




Cyndi Carolyn of Pacifica Senior Living Northridge
Cythina, who goes by Cyndi, was a bit of a speed-demon in her time. She was previously a race car driver at Seekonk Speedway, and also used to love riding Harley Davison motorcycles. She went to college for two years, as well as technical training at a secretarial school. She went on to find a career at a commercial insurance company. Cyndi also has a flair for music. Her favorite pastimes are playing the organ and piano and she often plays for fellow residents at Pacifica Senior Living Victoria Court.


7-Mar-07-2024-09-59-33-4633-PMCarolyn is a resident of Pacifica Senior Living Northridge, and has been a member of the community for about 4 years now.She is a social butterfly within the community and loves chatting with fellow residents and staff members. Some of her favorite pastimes include sewing, bingo, chatting with friends, and puzzles.


When asked what international women’s day meant to her, she said: “It gives us women the freedom to do what we want, when we want. Growing up in a different time, we didn’t have the advantage to vote or go to work. We stayed home with our children, went to the grocery store, and cleaned the house. Women are given the opportunity to run for president, work in the office, and even be construction workers. I’m glad times have changed, and women are allowed to do these things.”

We are glad times have changed, too, and thank the incredible women who have paved the way and overcome many challenges in order to make the path wider and smoother for younger generations. Through their hard work, determination and dedication, women like these residents and many others have helped to open the door for others and light the way to a more equal and  empowered way of life for many others.

Thank you to these incredible women and all who have helped shape International Women’s day, and drive us towards positive change.  

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