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Motherly Advice from Pacifica Senior Living Residents

Apr 29, 2022 12:00:00 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

In celebration of Mother's Day this Sunday May 8th, we reached out to our communities and asked them to share the best advice they could give as a mother, or words of wisdom they once received from their mother.
Mothers come in all different sizes, shapes, types and styles - they wear many different hats, and take on a wide variety of roles both within their family and within their personal lives. Moms often are a source of wisdom, insight, and comfort for their families, and for a lot of us, the words and wisdom our moms pass down can be some of the most life changing.
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While everyone's connection to their mom is different, we want to celebrate the wise words from mothers, grandmothers and great grandmother's across our communities, and reflect on the motherly advice they were given which had a long lasting impact on their own lives.
Many of our residents had advice for other moms, including tips on how to raise your kids.
"Being a mother is one of life's greatest and most important jobs - do it with care!"
Carole, 74, Rancho Penasquitos

"Keep trust in your children and family" - Edith, 90, Modesto
dorothy of Pacifica Senior Living Westwood holds a sign with motherly advice 
"Be good to your kids. Enjoy them" - Mary Ann, 98, Park Lane
"Be the best family ever and love each other always" - Joyce, 78, Chesapeake Place
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"Be patient" - Maria, 86, Westwood

"Show your love to your kids" DeLois, 89, Hillsborough

"Let them be happy" Evelyn, 94, Bonita

Paulette of riverside holds a sign with her mothers day advice
"Family is everything" - Dorothy, 84, Vista

"give your kids a model to look up to" - Gregoria, Peoria
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"Always tell them you love them" - Shirley, 88, Fresno
"Always be open with your children!" - Jackie, 82, Tampa Gardens
"Listen to your mother!" - Cynthia, 93, Alta Vista
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"Love your children no matter what age they are" - Elizabeth, 71, San Martin
"Let your children know you love them unconditionally" - Jane, 92, Hemet
Being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences for many, but it certainly comes with a lot of hard work and responsibility, too. Many of our residents had reminders to share which encouraged moms to take some time for themselves, too.
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"First take care of yourself before you worry about others" - Dolores, 92, San Leandro
"Live your best life" - Kathy, 88, Spring Valley

"Make sure you have a good time in your life!" - Glenda, 75, Escondido
pacifica senior living resident kathleen shares some motherly advice 
"Do what you love and the rest will follow" - Penny, 82, St. Andrews

"Don't sweat the small things" - Mary, 95, Oceanside

And of course, mothers are often such a wonderful source of love and wisdom for others. Above all, so many of our residents wanted to remind others the importance of loving, sharing, caring, staying truthful, and being kind to one another. Here are a few inspiring messages from moms across our communities.
"Always treat the people the way you want to be treated" - Catherine, 85, Fort Myers
"Keep an open mid. Be considerate to others. Always think positive" - Karen, 79, Snohomish

 pacifica senior living resident charline holds up her mothers day advice sign

"Love one another" - Pat, 90, Bakersfield
"Don't be quick to judge" - Donna, Stone Creek

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"War does not work. Take care of each other" - Marilyn, Burlingame
"Be kind to others and eat your vegetables" Masako, 91, Encinitas
woodmark at sun city resident rose shares her motherly advice
"Look for the silver linings in life. Count your blessings. Be at peace with yourself" - Janet, 71, Sterling

"Love life to the fullest" - Eunice, 82, Woodmont
Mothers' day is about spending time as a family, saying thank you, and showing your appreciation for all that our mothers did for us and taught us. Many of our communities have Mother's Day celebrations and activities you can get involved in. Whether you are a mom, your mom calls Pacifica Senior Living home, or you simply want to come spend time with some of our amazing residents, check out the activity calendar at your local community or give them a call to see what they have scheduled this Mother's Day.
In the words of Anna from Country Crest:
"Have a party on mother's day!"
Come visit us!

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