Namaste Program at Pacifica Senior Living

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When a person is diagnosed with a degenerative neurological condition like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss diseases, they may experience new challenges or disruptions to their routines and daily life. Favorite pastimes become more difficult, and managing household tasks can feel overwhelming. These individuals may even feel disoriented or out of place. 

With Dementia rates unfortunately climbing, the need for specialized care programs is also increasing.  At Pacifica Senior Living & The Meridian communities, we offer our innovative Namaste Care to help residents experience as much peace and calm as possible in the later stages of life.


The Namaste Care program at Pacifica Senior Living is an innovative program that follows a community-based approach. The program employs compassionate care, meaningful therapeutic sensory stimulation, and other non-pharmacological measures to keep seniors more engaged in activities that are meaningful to them and reduce the feeling of confusion, anger, and loneliness in residents living with dementia.


Our care staff creates a warm and welcoming home-like atmosphere by providing a range of mindful activities such as reminiscence moments, spiritual readings, gentle hand massages, manicures and more relaxing techniques to help residents experience a sense of reassurance and calm. Services are tailored for each individual based on his or her preferences, and the therapies that work best for them.

Families are updated with a detailed status report that includes any verbal and non-verbal cues shared in the previous sessions, and general updates on their loved ones well being. Care staff pays particular attention to seniors' hydration and nutrition by encouraging favorite foods and beverages including  providing fresh fruit at mealtimes, and other health-forward choices. 


Each Namaste Care team member will dedicate their full attention to helping support these residents and take care of their specific needs in these later stages of life. Our Namaste Care™ specialists are trained to create a calm, relaxing environment where residents feel at ease. Dementia and memory loss can be disorienting, so having extra caring staff who can create a mindful, peaceful atmosphere is key to giving residents the best possible experience despite these challenges.

Namaste Care is both a philosophy and a program that promotes wellness, relaxation, and calmness, which can be found only at Pacifica. We invite you to experience Namaste Care at Pacifica Senior Living by scheduling a tour with us.


During your tour, you’ll meet our compassionate staff as well as learn about programs designed to relax the mind, body, and spirit of each resident. You’ll see how our residential home is designed to provide dignity and comfort for those who call it home. Sign up for our upcoming Dementia webinar HERE to learn more about the signs, symptoms and strategies for assisting those with memory loss.

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