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National Nurses Day

May 5, 2022 12:04:09 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

May 6th marks National Nurses Day 2022, and the start of National Nurses Week. At Pacifica Senior Living, our nurses are the heartbeat of our communities, and essential to ensuring the very best care and wellbeing of our residents. We greatly appreciate all that our nurses do across our many communities, and the dedication and hard work they put in each and every day.

We asked our nurses to share with you some of the best things about being part of the Pacifica family, and how their lives have been impacted by the amazing residents they care for. Here is what they had to say:

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

“Feeling I may have made a difference in someone’s day, be it a supervisor, a resident, caregiver or resident’s family member.” - Lynne, Lynnwood

Seeing happy residents, families and staff”  - Jacqueline, Pacifica Millcreek

The residents in our community allowing me to be their person to assist them with what they need when it comes to their well-being” - Karen, Meridian at Lantana

Taking the time to get to know our residents and families is the most rewarding. Working hard to ensure they have my trust and that they feel welcome, comfortable and taken care of. Once that trust is gained they become part of the family and there is nothing better than that!” Heidi,  Paradise Valley

Caring for the residents and seeing a smile on their face” - Jena, Hillsborough

Being able to be there for our residents and help them with whatever the needLigia, Wyndham Lakes

quote from nurse keith from pacifica hollywood hills

Being a part of each resident's family/life. Enjoying the good moments and memories as well as the not so good days and then being able to be there in those final moments.Tiffany, Pacifica Senior Living McMinnville

I have enjoyed not only helping the residents but also their families.  I love making a difference.” Sandy,  Peoria

Life enrichment to seniors” - Pam, Lynnwood

What made you decide to pursue a career in nursing at Pacifica?

After interviewing I saw the opportunity to use my skill set to help strengthen this great community” -Jacqueline, Pacifica Millcreek

I wanted to put my nursing hat on after many years to be a strong advocate for the residents in our amazing communityKaren, Meridian at Lantana

Pacifica has a beautiful cottage setting where the residents can enjoy the feeling of being in a      home. In addition, the patios and grass yards that surround the cottages allow them to enjoy the beautiful Arizona weather and nature… I thought that Pacifica had a beautiful program and was set up to make and keep both the residents and staff happy and healthy. After all these years later, I was right.” -  Sandy, Peoria

In my interview with the Executive Director, a Resident in Assisted Living came and sat beside me just to tell me “You are going to like it here”. We started talking about Pacifica, and she seemed very happy. When I asked her how she liked living here, she responded “I love it” - Irma, Bakersfield

Pacifica has opened a platform for me as I started in this industry in 2009 coming from an entry level position. I am very grateful for that opportunity that Pacifica offered me to pursue and grow my career as a Nurse and be a Resident Services Director” - Keith, Hollywood Hills

Who inspires you, personally and professionally at Pacifica?

My residents and the staff inspire me. Spending time with the memory care residents is the greatest joy of my day! They are why I am here. The hard working staff as well. I take a lot of pride in the job that this team does and we do it as a team! I work hard for them just as they do the same for me.Heidi,  Pacifica Paradise Valley

I enjoy being a support to the entire team and watching the growth of individuals as well as the community” - Jacqueline Pacifica Millcreek

The smile on the residents' faces when they see me. I also rely on moral principles I grew up with like “Always give the best you have” - Irma, Bakersfield

 “Personally, I would say my Mother as without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Professionally, my Executive Director Vanessa as she continues to have faith in me and provide all that I need for my success and our community”. - Keith, Hollywood Hills

quote from nurse karen from meridian at Lantana

I haven’t been with Pacifica for long but I appreciate my Executive Director and the dedication she has for the staff and residents” - Jena, Hillsborough

 “Personally, the residents inspire me to always do my best for them. Professionally, the management team and the rest of the staff. We all work so hard for our residents together with such a great report with each other that makes a great team. I love our team.”  Sandy,  Peoria

What are you most proud of in your nursing career at Pacifica?

I am proud of my nursing career within Pacifica as even though it's busy and demanding, I have a sense of joy, accomplishment and do what I do best each day as I come to work. I don’t count the days and hours I spend at Pacifica- to me it is a blessing as I mentor others and be great in what they have to offer! - Keith, Hollywood Hills

Initiating some strong systems to help caregivers provide quality care” - Jacqueline, Pacifica Millcreek

I would have to say I am most proud of the family I have gained since starting my career here at Pacifica. Between the residents, residents’ families, management team, med techs, care staff, outside providers and everyone in between. You have been a helpful part of this journey and I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you.”- Tiffany, Pacifica Senior Living McMinnville

I am proud of the positive impact I have on our residents.  They know they can count on me with my clear communication and quick follow up when they need anything.”  Karen, Meridian at Lantana

The proud moments come when you work with a resident or family who just have a really tough time transitioning into community living. Assisting them through the anxiety and fear of the adjustment period and making them feel at home and loved. When you can see that difference in their face, their smile and in their eyes - that is by far the proudest moment!Heidi,  Pacifica Paradise Valley

Training staff to give the best care to our seniors” - Jena, Hillsborough

" I feel I make a difference here with the Residents, the Families, and the Staff to make Pacifica a   great place to live and work.  - Sandy,  Peoria

Seeing the Residents well taken care of - Irma, Bakersfield

Advice for anyone hoping to pursue a career in nursing at Pacifica?

Be strong and don’t lose yourself in the hustle of things. Always support your team. Choose to maintain a good attitude” - Jacqueline Pacifica Millcreek

"Know that the work can be hard & demanding but it is rewarding in so many ways" - Lynne, Lynnwoodquote from nurse heidi from pacifica paradise valley
“Pacifica has offered me a great Nursing career with a level of autonomy, flexibility and structure with balance for success and provides outstanding leadership that stands out amongst others.” - Keith, Hollywood Hills

Expect to have a rewarding personal and work experience here at Pacifica Every day.” - Sandy, Peoria

Come meet our amazing nursing staff to learn more about care levels and options in your community, and wish them a Happy Nurses Week! 

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