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Pacifica Senior Living Chino Hills Resident Pauline Celebrates 101

Jan 24, 2024 11:49:36 AM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

Birthdays are an extra special occasion at Pacifica Senior living Chino Hills, especially for our residents. Our team was delighted to celebrate the 101st birthday of our much loved resident Pauline C. this past Tuesday, January 23rd.

Over the weekend Pauline was able to spend time with family and loved ones who showered her with love and appreciation as she rang in another year. On Tuesday, our staff team and residents wanted to do the same.

We got together with balloons, banners, and lots of cheer to celebrate and spend time with one of our oldest residents, who can often be found sharing some wisdom and a smile with fellow residents and team members.

pauline c turns 101Those that know her had only positive things to say about her. She was loving lovingly described as a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend.

Pauline, her twin sister, four additional sisters, and one brother, all grew up in the heart of Los Angeles, California. She attended Lincoln High School where she lettered in varsity baseball, volleyball and basketball.

It was there that she met her highschool sweetheart, Tony, who she later married. Together, they had two sons: Donald and Richard. Pauline was always hard working, and in the early years of their family, both Pauline and Tony worked two jobs in order to care for their children and one another.

Pauline worked for a liquor bottling company and was a member of the Teamsters Union for 30 years. At home, her sons say she ran the household with a stern hand and that it was her way or the highway! But despite her sternness, she was a very loving and caring mother, always putting her family before herself. She always helped her boys with their homework. Even when her son, Donald, entered the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy, she ironed his uniform and helped him with lecture notes.

pauline a resident of pacifica senior living chino hills celebrates with staff and balloons that say 101Pauline also loved to host, and had family and friends over every weekend for dinner. She also taught her sons how to cook, which paid off greatly when both sons married.

Pauline was always full of tenacity and drive. Once, after moving into a new home, she decided the family needed a pool. She drew out lines on the concrete resembling a pool and told her husband they were getting a pool. Two days later, a pool was being built in the backyard.

A few years after her husband Tony passed away, Pauline sold her home and moved into Pacifica Senior Living Chino Hills. That was in December, 2012, and she has lived here happily ever since. During her years in the community, she became the captain of the balloon volleyball team. She has enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing time, and always interacts with the staff members.

Happy birthday, Pauline! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our community, and for bringing your warmth and charm to us for over 11 years now. Congratulations on 101!

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