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Pacifica Senior Living Expands Memory Care With New Amara Program

Jan 19, 2024 7:56:39 AM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

Pacifica Senior Living is launching our new memory care program: Amara Memory Support. The Amara program aims to create a welcoming and empowering environment for residents living with dementia or other forms of cognitive impairment. 

In Memory Care communities, it is important to create a warm, welcoming, and compassionate space where those with memory loss conditions can thrive. This means creating a calm and secure environment with caregivers and team members well versed in conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. But excellent care is only one part of memory support.

We also offer a variety of stimulating and engaging activities, programs and therapies such as gardening, culinary adventures, musical fun, creative artistic outlets, and mindfulness practices.

Our program celebrates the essence of people, rather than focusing on their diagnosis, in order to provide a secure, welcoming, and caring living experience for all. We embrace our residents’ talents, skills, passions, and stories, and let their individuality shine. 

Core Principles

We have three main principles we live by, day in and day out. 

a senior woman resident of pacifica senior living mission villa holds her artwork that says dream explore discover Embrace Joy

Our program creates opportunities to find joy in small moments and everyday experiences.

Show Care

Care is an intentional action we actively show in every interaction with every resident.

Extend Grace

We give and show grace though compassionate, kind, and loving exchanges.

These principles inspire us to live out each day, finding joyful expressions and happy moments despite potentially challenging times. It is also a reminder that despite certain diagnosis, our residents are dynamic individuals ready to get the most out of each day. Our program gives each individual the opportunity to find the activities, experiences, and opportunities that bring them joy. We do this through focusing on the Elements of Life.

Elements of Life

a senior asian woman, resident of pacifica senior living mission villa smiles at the camera as she folds napkinsAmara is a wellness-focused program that creates moments of meaning throughout each day, through an artful weaving of our elements of life and special features programs.


The goal of the Elements of Life is to involve residents in meaningful activities that allow for feelings of enjoyment, success, fulfillment, and purpose. These elements work together to provide a well-rounded enriching experience for our residents day after day.


Focus Elements of Life include

* Recreation * Service  * Spirituality  * Movement * Sensory *Household Connection * Community * Exploration * Creative Arts

a senior woman resident of pacifica senior living mission villa holds up her coloring book art that says just be you  a senior resident of pacifica senior living mission villa enjoys a relaxing hand massage from an employee a senior resident of pacifica senior living mission villa paints a coloring book image

Special Feature Programs

Our special feature programs work hand-in-hand with the Elements of Life, and are practical ways we can implement these wellness-focused beliefs. The programs create events and experiences for our residents, and give them opportunities to engage in the way that feels most natural to them. From events to experiences, and therapies, each special feature incorporates our principles to manifest a Memory Care sensitive experience.

Residents love being able to get involved in festive events such as our culinary inspired Touch of Spice, or feel the familiarity and comfort of routine everyday tasks. Each program highlights a way in which our Memory Care residents engage and interact with caregivers and peers. The result is a lively, vibrant atmosphere where each individual can shine. 

pacifica senior living activités director George Stickles and a senior resident present their touch of spice activity board

Touch of Spice 

Touch of Spice events explore the cuisine, music and history of a given state, allowing residents to immerse themselves in different aspects of American culture. We pair with our culinary teams to deliver a food-centric experience paired with fun and informative elements to create a well rounded event. 

Memories and Melodies

Music has long been tied to memory, and has been a proven way to form bonds, connections, and recollections among those living with dementia. Our Memories and Melodies program allows residents to  experience the power of group music therapy. The experience includes digital therapeutics backed by clinical trials and neuroscience to stimulate memories.  


Many of our communities have participated in our Namaste program for years. Namaste offers a personalized sensory and emotional support program focused on engaging, regulating, or soothing various senses.
a resident of pacifica senior living mission villa waters a garden full of flowers

Artistic Blossoms

Our Artistic blossoms program is a fun way residents can practice hand-eye coordination, and feel the soothing therapy that nature brings. This exploration of horticulture, floral design, and expressive art allows unique opportunities for creative expression. Residents can enjoy activities such as gardening or flower arranging.

Through Amara Memory Support, we elevate the individual, looking beyond a diagnosis to express and highlight unique aspects of each individual. From fun food events to music therapy, stimulating the senses, and creative expression, our program provides opportunities for joy, feelings of accomplishment, and fun.

To learn more about our Memory Care communities and Amara Memory Support, reach out to us! 

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