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Resident Ambassador Program: How We Welcome Newcomers to Our Community

Apr 13, 2023 7:33:36 AM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

At West Park Senior Living, we truly believe that our community is a family. Whether you have lived with us for years, or are considering making the switch to Senior Living, we welcome each and every resident with open arms, and open hearts.

That is why we have the Resident Ambassador program. While we understand the importance of having welcoming staff and team members - all of whom are very excited each time we welcome a new resident home - more often than not our new residents want to know what life's really like - from the people that actually live there.

The Resident Ambassador Program chooses some of our most outgoing residents within the West Park community. These ambassadors welcome our new residents, show them around the community, invite them to lunch or dinner, and help provide social support.

David P is 86 years old, and has been a  West Park Senior Living  Resident Ambassador for 2 years:

“Basically we have three jobs we do. First off we welcome them when you first come here. Number two if they would like we will have lunch with them, or dinner, and number three as they get settled in we’re available to answer any questions they might want to ask” 


The aim of this program is to make sure every resident feels welcome, included, and comfortable in their new space and helps to bridge the gap between moving from their home to a new community.

We know it can be a daunting change, at times, and our friendly ambassadors help to ease the transition, as they themselves have gone through the change.

Lois F, 83 yrs, has also been a West Park Senior Living Resident Ambassador for nearly 2 years. She shared her thoughts on the community and her experience at West Park

 “The minute I walked through here, I wanted to be here. There’s a lot of freedom, and a lot of happiness, and there’s always something to do if you care to do it.”

 Having current residents greet new residents, encourage them to participate, and answer any questions they have about their new home can be a welcome and encouraging experience.

And the ambassadors have name tags while they're out and about in the community, so newcomers always know who they can go to for assistance.

“I came here to deposit last year and when I got home; I got cold feet and changed my mind. I’m so glad I’m here now. Everyone is so friendly, I don’t know why I waited so long” - Fran, one of our newer residents

We have seen some great connections and friendships form because of this program, and our ambassadors meet once a week to discuss how they can continue to best serve their community and new friends.

Providing a welcoming environment is the best way to make everyone feel at home. We even roll out a red carpet for each new resident, and our ambassador team lines up to introduce themselves and welcome newcomers to the community.

Another of our ambassadors, Frances P, 82, reflected on her experience at West Park Senior Living: “It’s a wonderful place to live. We have a lot of activities, the food is really good, everybody is friendly…it’s a great place.” You can watch her full video here.

At West Park Senior Living, our community is a close knit family of friends and neighbors, from residents to resident ambassadors and our staff team.

We want each new resident to feel accepted and welcomed, and comfortable to join in with as much or as little as they would like. Building these connections and friendships is a great way for newcomers to feel at home. 

Come visit us at West Park Senior Living, meet our ambassadors, and take a tour of our community. It is a great way to get to know your potential new home! 

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