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Spring Forward for Daylight Savings

Mar 11, 2022 9:00:55 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

March is here, and it’s time for us to ‘Spring Forward’ with our clocks as we welcome Daylight Saving Time. We're looking forward to Day Light Savings at Pacifica Senior Living, as it offers more time for us to spend outdoors enjoying warm, sunny weather. This small holiday marks the end of winter and the beginning of warmer days to come, a welcome sight for the many of us who look forward to spring and summer each year.


Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to set our clocks back. Gone are the days of resetting an alarm clock in March, as our phones and our computers change our clocks automatically -- some ovens and microwaves will, too!


If you have clocks that need a manual reset, be sure to remind yourself on Sunday, March 13th to set your clocks one hour ahead. You’ll lose an hour of sleep (unless you sleep in the following day), but you’ll gain an hour of sunlight to enjoy your day a little more. 


We look forward to spring and everything it brings: warm weather, budding flowers, and sunnier skies. Daylight Saving is a great reminder that winter doesn’t last forever, and there are always warmer days to come. 


We invite families to learn more about our spring activities at Pacifica Senior Living by reviewing our March calendars, or by chatting with our friendly staff. As the weather warms up, we’ll spend more time in the garden and encourage our residents to make the most of sunny days by walking through our outdoor spaces or participating in activities like gardening. 


 Come schedule a tour with us to see all the fun activities we have planned this spring. From holiday events to garden parties, beach trips and happy hours in the courtyard, we are excited to get out and start enjoy the extra sun that daylight savings brings. 


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