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The In-Motion Program: Why Staying Active is Key to Fall Prevention

Oct 17, 2022 1:01:20 PM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

Staying fit, keeping moving and exercising are - as most people know - a major part of keeping healthy and boosting mood and mental health. Though it can be harder to stay active as you age, ensuring mobility as you get older becomes more and more important. Staying active can improve overall health, but also goes hand in hand with seniors’ independence.
Falls are a serious risk for seniors and older adults, and can have devastating consequences. Keeping active and ensuring safe exercise that is age and mobility appropriate is a great way to prevent falls, or lower the risk of drastic fall outcomes.

According to the CDC, falls in older adults are the number one cause of injury-related death for those 65 and up. One in four seniors will have a significant fall each year, and one out of every five of those falls results in a serious injury or hospitalization. More often than not, the injuries are broken bones or head traumas.

Because these falls can be so dangerous, and the risks are so high for seniors, mobility is a key part of prevention. To help promote healthy living and reduce fall risks, Pacifica Senior Living is launching its In-Motion Program.

This program brings together prevention and monitoring in order to help ensure safer living spaces for seniors, which in turn allows them to be more independent. The program focuses on exercise classes that strengthen legs, hips and joints, as well as work on improving balance. Over time, it works to increase stability among older adults, thereby reducing the risk for a significant fall.

Pacifica Senior Living Peoria is the first of our communities to roll out this In-Motion program. Staff at Pacifica Senior Living Peoria have partnered with home health and PCP providers to offer two weekly fitness classes hosted by a Physical Therapy Assistant. 

"I love getting to know the participants and seeing their confidence grow. That's one of the greatest benefits.. not only does the In-Motion help to improve strength and balance it helps people keep their independence or get it back after a fall.” - Mo O'Hay, Aegis home health physical therapist assistant.

The program launched on October 18th, and we are excited to see the positive impact the program will have on our residents. Ensuring the stability and security of our residents is key to creating a more independent and secure environment for them. Watching the confidence, strength and mood of the residents rise as they work through this program is one of the most rewarding outcomes. Not only are the residents safer but they are able to get more out of their day with peace of mind.

Another major aspect of the program is a screening and reporting process. When new residents move into one of our communities, they will take part in a comprehensive screening process. This screening is done by an In-Motion team member who evaluates the resident’s mobility, fall risk, and overall health. This is both a physical check, but also a chance for screeners to get to know the types of activities each individual already participates in, or enjoys doing. This way, the In-Motion program can be targeted to their interests and abilities in order to best serve them.

During the screening, a member of the In-Motion team evaluates the resident to identify potential health risks — including the risk of falling. The screening is also an opportunity for us to learn what types of wellness activities the resident has been engaging in or might be interested in trying.

As we move forward with our In-Motion program, we hope to see more and more residents taking part, and working towards strength, stability and balance. You can learn more about our program by contacting Pacifica Senior Living Peoria, or come visit us to see for yourself the ways we are working to improve the lives of our seniors.

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