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Safety Tips For Seniors Traveling

Dec 21, 2021 2:45:00 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

Traveling During the Holidays

We’ve certainly seen a decline in traveling over the last year and a half due to COVID-19 restrictions, but as we emerge slowly from the pandemic, travel is becoming “normal” again. With that in mind though, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to adapt to some changes that have come about as a result of the pandemic.

If you are planning on traveling this holiday season, here are a few things to keep in mind:

·         Be flexible. Flights were scaled back significantly over the last year and a half and many airlines have not yet returned to their pre-pandemic choices. This may mean fewer direct flights, more expensive car rentals, and hotel rooms with “optional” cleaning schedules. Bring snacks, extras items in case your flight may be delayed or changed, and be prepared that your itinerary may be a little more fluid than in previous seasons.

·         Be savvy. With gas prices on the rise it is wise to do your due diligence when taking a holiday road trip. Smart phone users can download an app called GasBuddy that enables them to put in their location and it searches for the lowest prices in the immediate area. It also pays to do your research on the restaurants who offer senior discounts to save even more money. McDonalds, Denny’s, Applebee’s and Subway are just a few who offer a variety of discounts and can be found near or on major thoroughfares.

·         Enjoy the Journey. Steve Jobs is largely credited with saying “the journey is the reward”.  It refers to the thought that the end result is often not as satisfying as the means and the experiences along the way that carried you to that end. Traveling can be the same. Whether it’s with your spouse, grandchildren or even by yourself, we live in a big, beautiful country filled with remarkable sights that greet us at every turn. Making a point to savor these trips, no matter what form of transport you take, not only reduces stress, but also adds a brand new cache of memorable experiences to your world that will be far more valuable that anything you can buy.

From all of us at Pacifica Senior Living, we wish you safe and Happy travels this holiday Season!