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Creating Community With The Hospitality Committee at The Park Lane

May 20, 2024 12:34:02 PM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

In our communities, building a sense of connection and acceptance is key to creating a warm and welcoming environment. Community is at the heart of it all, and there is no better way to build that than by making our newest residents feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible. At The Park Lane, one of our communities in Monterey, the Hospitality Committee is hard at work ensuring each new resident has the best possible experience when they join our community.

Moving to a new home can be daunting, and for many moving to a senior living community means leaving a family home or apartment behind in favor of community life. While this can feel overwhelming, one of the greatest perks of being in a community is the social aspect. Residents can immediately find companionship and friendship with peers in their community, and the Hospitality Committee is a huge part of helping new residents transition into their new environments.

What is the Hospitality Committee?

Designed to welcome newcomers and provide a point of contact in the community other than staff members, the committee is a friend-based system that encourages new residents to join in activities, ask questions, or share a meal with some of the current residents.

hospitality committee is part of the fabric of the park lane quoteThe Executive Director of The Park Lane, Billy Mitchell reflected on the committee in this way:

“The funny thing is we do not know when it was started or by whom. It has kind of always existed according to everyone. I love that though. It’s this important tradition that keeps getting handed down to new residents. The hospitality committee is part of the fabric of The Park Lane.”

And that fabric is woven with acceptance, friendship, understanding and assistance. Over the years the Hospitality Committee has helped residents to feel settled in their community, and find companionship with others in big and small ways. Some residents are in charge of monthly welcome events, others will quietly share a meal with a more shy individual. Committee members are also there to help residents in practical ways.

Getting to know a new environment or neighborhood can be a task in itself, and residents that move from different cities may need help getting settled or finding their way around. Our Committee is on hand to offer advice and guidance with anything from which are the best grocery stores in the area, to local pharmacies, and tips that they found helpful when they moved in.

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In this way the committee is both a board of helpers and an unofficial band of friends, pairing social events with practical advice to help our newer residents feel more at home.

We asked some of our Hospitality Committee members to share their thoughts about the program, and how it has impacted their life at The Park Lane.

Myrna B.

I have been part of the hospitality committee for 2 ½ years. I joined pretty much right away. We work as a team to welcome new residents and give them info from a resident's point of view. We also have welcome gifts that would be helpful in a new apartment. One of the go-to gifts is a $20 gift card to somewhere like Target, Trader Joe's, or CVS.
we become friends with the new residents quote park lane
The committee is important because “moving into a new place can be very disjointing and scary for some people. The Committee is there and we become friends with the new residents and they don't feel so alone.”

Personally, I love meeting all the new residents and getting to know them. I'm constantly surprised to find out what they did in their past lives. It's so fascinating because we receive a little information before they move in but once we get a chance to sit and talk with them, I'm often blown away.

We host meet and greets and welcome events as well. There is a party thrown every other month just for the new residents where we introduce them and say a little about the new residents. We have food and drinks, and spend time together with current and new residents. 


Karen H.

Hospitality is a small group who work together to make sure the new residents who wish to participate are welcomed and integrated into the community. Often, people don't have a clue what they're doing when they first move in and the hospitality committee steps in and provides an information packet for the new resident.

making the transition easier in any way quote the park lane hospitality committeeAs a resident who has been in that situation before, I know it can be very stressful moving into a big community like ours. I eat with new residents often and I never let them go lonely. I always check in on them and over time we become friends. Personal integration is the main thing.

The reaction to the committee has been so positive. Some residents do not want much because they have family locally and already have that support, but we have some residents that move from out of town and they really appreciate the commitment and what we do to make them feel comfortable.

If I can make their transition easier in any way, then I feel like I've accomplished something great. It's very gratifying for me when residents have smooth transitions.  Making them feel welcome is my number 1 reason.

Susan L.

The Hospitality Committee is a wonderful program. We greet new residents and try to host them at meals twice a week. I am part of the team that hosts the "new neighbor dining". It's great to make people feel welcomed and it's good to feel close to people. It's also really nice to have someone to ask questions about things you do not know about.

We have had some nice dinners with new residents. I was so welcome by the committee that I decided to join myself! One of the current members is someone who hosted me when I was a new resident and she was really sweet to me. The presidents of the committee also invited me to have a meal with them when I was a new resident. The hospitality here really stood out, and I wanted to be a part of it and give back to new residents like they helped me.

Each of our resident committee members plays their part in helping to make The Park Lane a true community. From warm welcomes to helping hands, they come alongside our new residents to help them feel as settled and welcomed as possible.

Having a community that truly feels like home, full of friends, activities, and support, can make all the difference in turning a place to live into a real home.

Want to learn more about life at The Park Lane? Reach out to us or come visit! Our friendly staff are on hand to answer any questions and help you along your journey to finding your new home.

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