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World Osteoporosis Day & Pacifica Senior Living

Oct 20, 2021 6:45:00 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

​​Each year, Pacifica Senior Living recognizes World Osteoporosis Day on October 20th. World Osteoporosis Day brings awareness to the benefits of good bone health, inspiring individuals living with osteoporosis to educate others by sharing their real life stories.


Osteoporosis is a bone disease that happens when a person’s body makes too few bone cells or loses too many bone cells -- or both. As a consequence, the person’s bones become more frail and brittle, prone to breaks from typical daily activities. 

Living with osteoporosis can make day-to-day life challenging, making it more important than ever for an individual to avoid falls and risky physical activity. Fortunately, by paying attention to good bone health earlier in life, a person can minimize or prevent bone loss and retain healthy bones as they age. 

Many people call osteoporosis a “silent disease,” because an individual cannot feel his or her bones weakening over time. This makes awareness and prevention of the utmost importance, as osteoporosis can be challenging to reverse.


On World Osteoporosis Day, Pacifica Senior Living brings attention to the journey of those living with the condition, encouraging them to share their experiences with others for the sake of spreading knowledge and information.  If a person is diagnosed with osteoporosis, it’s important they speak with a medical professional for treatment. However, preventative measures should begin as early in a person’s life as possible -- essential habits for good bone health include: 


  • Featuring physical activity and weight-lifting into one’s daily routine
  • Consuming ample amounts of calcium
  • Limiting tobacco and alcohol use
  • Maintaining a healthy body weight


Our staff members and caregivers are trained to work with residents living with osteoporosis, understanding the unique challenges it presents. To learn more about how our community approaches care for residents living with osteoporosis, please chat with us below. 

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