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Day in the Life in a Pacifica Senior Living Assisted Living Community

Mar 30, 2023 2:11:08 PM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living

Some of the biggest and most common questions we find when talking about Assisted Living surround the idea of what life will ‘actually’ be like for those living in one of our residences. Whether you or a loved one are looking to make the move to Assisted Living, knowing what you are getting into can help you determine if an Assisted Living care facility is right for you, and also prepare you for the move.

Although we have a large number of Senior Living communities across the country, each with their own style, feel, and unique features, there are certain similarities that can help you get a feel for what Assisted Living communities entail, and what life would be like living in one of our communities.

Follow along with us to learn more about a typical day in the life of a Senior Living resident in one of our communities.

Morning Routine

In assisted living facilities like ours, freedom of choice is a staple of our mission. We aim to create a community and space that allows you to balance independence and personal care to create your perfect day, and ideal lifestyle.

Morning wake up times may vary from person to person, but upon waking, you or your loved one can receive any morning assistance they need to start the day off right.

This may include anything from assistance dressing, toileting, taking or managing morning medications, or assistance with mobility. For anyone who needs less assistance with activities of daily living in the morning, a warm greeting to start the day and a friendly smile from our team can put you in the right mood to start your day off right.


Once up and ready to go, you have the choice of attending breakfast in our dining area, having a light breakfast in the comfort of your room, or - if your room has a kitchen or kitchenette - preparing your own meal. The choice is yours, and you can adjust as your needs or preferences change.

Those who choose to dine with us can choose one of the breakfast options for the day, prepared by our caring and talented culinary team.

Activities and Socialization

After a morning meal, you can choose to join in on one of the many morning activities hosted by our wonderful and fun activities teams. While activities will vary from day to day, common morning activities include senior exercise classes - created for older adults and adaptable to varying levels of mobility and fitness, arts and craft activities, gardening in spring and summer months, faith-based services or groups, or board game and puzzle activities.

On excursion days, you may take a trip to a local garden, shopping center, cafe, or nearby museum. The choice is truly yours, so you can get involved with as much or as little as you like.

Afternoon Routine


In the afternoon is our busiest meal time - lunch! Most of our residents enjoy lunch in our dining room, and enjoy spending time socializing with friends, visiting with loved ones, or meeting new future residents who come in to tour our community.

Again, our wonderful culinary teams prepare menus of food items, with a variety of healthy choices and classic favorites to choose from. From light salads to hearty meals, pasta dishes or sandwiches, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Afternoon Recreational Activities

Afternoons tend to be our most varied time of the day. Some residents need care services in the afternoon, some may enjoy an afternoon nap, while others may have a visit from family or loved ones.

The afternoon is usually when we focus on mental exercises, so card games, bingo, interactive games, and activities are common in the afternoon. Our activities schedules are always flexible, so you or your loved one can join in whenever you like, or opt for a quieter afternoon strolling the gardens, reading in a library, or chatting with friends in a fireside lounge.

Afternoon is also the time when we host many of our community events. Whether it is an outdoor barbecue, holiday party with special treats and games, a lunch and learn afternoon discussion, or pet therapy, there are so many great events that we put on in the afternoons.

Evening Routine

Evenings tend to be a time for relaxation in our Assisted Living communities. Many of our residents meet with friends to chat about their days and catch up, or spend time relaxing with a good book or cup of tea.

Some of our clubs and groups meet for happy hour or early evening meetups, like bridge clubs or bingo games.


As with all meals, you can choose to eat in our dining room with friends, neighbors, staff members or family members. Our ever changing menu is prepared by our culinary team, and gives you the choice to pick from a menu of delicious items. Opt for a hearty meal, comfort food favorite, healthy choice or something new. We create our meals with dietary needs in mind, and we are always happy to cater to specific needs like low sodium, meat free, or low sugar diets as needed.

Winding Down for Sleep

After the evening meal, some residents will choose to join in evening activities or social groups that meet in the common areas, or they may choose to wind down for bedtime. Caregivers are on hand for anyone who needs assistance, and can help with prepping for bed, showering, using the bathroom, taking evening medications, or any other assisted living services or personal care services you or your loved one may need.

Each day is a new adventure, with lots of choices and options so you can customize your day, but we also understand the importance of structure and routine. Our communities give the framework, and our residents are given the freedom of choice to live their best lives, knowing assistance, care, and aid are on hand when they need it.

You can learn more about Assisted Living here, our read about our other levels of care including independent living and memory care options.

Our aim is to create a warm and inviting home where you or your loved one can experience the best quality of life, with the freedom to choose how you spend your days. Reach out to us for more information, or come visit us to see the difference for yourself!

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