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Labor Day at Pacifica Senior Living

Oct 11, 2021 11:07:13 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

The first weekend of September brings with it barbecues, outdoor recreation, and time with family thanks to Labor Day -- an American end-of-summer tradition. 

Labor Day was created to recognize the efforts of the working class in America, celebrating the progress and achievements workers fought for and contributed to the national economy over the years. The holiday gives citizens a federally-recognized day off in thanks of all they do day in and day out.

Labor day is often a nice break right before the kids go back to school for families and parents of younger kids to spend time together or get ready for the school year ahead, but how does our Senior population celebrate this working-people's holiday?


At Pacifica Senior Living communities, we celebrate Labor Day with our residents through a weekend get-together packed with fun opportunities, good friends, and delicious food. Though our residents may no longer be working, Labor Day is a great excuse to celebrate the end of the Summer, and get together with neighbors and friends. Each year brings a new take on Labor Day traditions, featuring events like live music, barbecues, outdoor games, and so much more. 


Alternatively, many of our residents choose to spend Labor Day traveling. The three-day weekend is a great opportunity to visit family or travel to a bucket list destination!


We invite families to learn more about our Labor Day celebrations, or come and join the fun by visiting your local Pacifica community. Labor Day weekend is a popular time for families to tour our community, getting a look at what it means to call Pacifica Senior Living home while residents enjoy our exciting holiday activities.


Please use the chat box below to schedule a tour of our community -- we look forward to meeting you!

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