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How Newport Mesa is Using The Namaste Program to Enhance Memory Care

Mar 23, 2022 9:00:00 AM / by Carly Dodd, Pacifica Senior Living


Living with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease presents unique challenges, particularly as these conditions progress and memory loss impacts the ability to complete a variety of normal daily activities.


During the advanced stages of memory loss conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, a person may no longer be able to participate in traditional routines as their symptoms progress. For these individuals, personalized quality care and comfort are essential to maintaining their well-being and minimizing frustration or confusion associated with memory-related conditions.


Pacifica Senior Living Newport Mesa was the first to pioneer our unique memory care program known as Namaste Care, which focuses on creating an environment specifically for Memory Care residents. The program’s goal is to improve each resident’s quality of life through meaningful companionship and hands-on activities, specifically designed to enhance their lives.


Through relaxing sensory stimulation, the Namaste Care program strives to soothe residents and impart feelings of comfort, relaxation and peace. Memory Care residents enjoy a calm and soothing atmosphere curated specifically to help them relax. Colors, dim lighting, aromatherapy, and gentle touch all play a part in creating the right environment for residents. Lavender scented sticks and essential oils are used to soothe and relax while dim lighting and quiet music - such as soft classical music -  help create a sense of calm. Read more about aromatherapy and memory care here. 


Sensory activities are also created with dementia and memory loss in mind. Gentle hand massages, comforting manicures, and simple hands-on activities like finger painting can also help to stimulate cognitive activity and bring added joy and comfort to memory care residents who may otherwise feel disoriented or confused. 


Residents living with advanced dementia, advanced Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions which cause advanced cognitive loss can find a comforting place in our Namaste Care program. Newport Mesa community was our first to implement this program and the results have helped loved ones and family members feel reassured and at ease. This program has given family and friends the peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for in a unique way that provides comfort and care that other senior living communities may not be able to provide.

Since its debut at Newport Mesa, Pacifica Senior Living has  been rolling out the program across all their Memory Care communities. Our aim is to provide a specific environment that caters to those with debilitating memory loss, offering them the most relaxed, calming, and peaceful experiences possible.

Schedule your tour today to learn more about our program at a Pacifica community near you. 

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