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Pacifica's Tech Tuesday Program: Making Technology More Senior Friendly

Sep 2, 2022 12:05:13 PM / by Pacifica Senior Living

Technology that is aimed at an aging population is a growing market. Senior focused or elder focused tech is designed to help make the lives of older adults simpler, more connected, and more fun. Whether you or your loved one uses tech for engagement, connecting with others or practical tasks like healthcare management, having devices and programs that are designed to be easily used and understood can help bridge the gap between the older generations and new technological advancements.

The world of tech is constantly growing and changing. With the new iPhone announcement from Apple set to be released on September 7th, the world of tech can feel even more daunting and overwhelming. But many tech companies are recognizing the importance of the aging baby boomers - most of which are in their early to mid 70s now - and the expanding need for technology and tech service providers that are both simple and effective. Many will not be focused on the new iPhone of 2022, but rather will be searching for an easy-to-use way to connect with loved ones, play games, store photos, or organize tasks and calendars.


These devices aimed at seniors tend to be streamlined to the basic functions, with formats and designs that are more familiar to them. Rather than touchscreens, fingerprints, facial recognition or high-tech add-ons, these devices - like the early Jitterbug mobile phone - use simple, familiar buttons and dials, to help avoid frustration and confusion. Platforms and systems that may seem intuitive to younger generations may still be foreign to older adults, so it is important to focus on tech that is relatable. Voice-activated devices like Alexa or Google Smart Home systems can be useful for all ages as they are easy to use and communicate with, while other programs may use bright, large print designs to be more accessible and readable for seniors.


At Pacifica Senior Living, we understand the importance of senior-oriented technology. Whether that is a device designed for older adults or a program that is created with seniors in mind, finding tech that is curated to senior care can make a major difference in engagement and in helping them to live fulfilled, happier lives. Connecting through technology can help deter social isolation or feelings of loneliness, and boost mental health.


Pacifica created the Tech Tuesday program in order to assist our older adults with all their technology needs. This means everything from tech troubleshooting to helping schedule video chat calls, or helping residents take selfies to send to friends and family members, and assistance viewing photos of loved ones. There are so many wonderful benefits of being connected via technology, so we encourage our residents to learn new ways to be connected in an environment that is supportive, helpful and un-intimidating.


Our activities team sets up easy-to-use games such as Wii bowling, VR adventures, or interactive word games so residents can play with one another. Similarly, we encourage residents to stay connected to their loved ones and families who may not live in the area via various online programs like facebook, video chat, or photo sharing platforms.

There are so many apps, gadgets, new technology and devices in the tech world that are beginning to see the growing importance of catering tech to older people. Our Tech Tuesdays assist those that are less tech savvy, and allow them to be engaged with platforms like social media, Zoom or FaceTime video calls for telehealth and socialization, practice and learn how to use devices like an iPad, or engage in new apps. Whether our residents are using tech for daily activities, games, connections or wellness assistive devices offering in-person assistance to help seniors understand the growing tech world can help them get the most out of technology.

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