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Transitions Care: Moving from Assisted Living to Memory Care with Ease

Jul 20, 2022 9:34:04 AM / by Pacifica Senior Living

At Pacifica Senior Living, providing the very best care to our residents is our number one priority. Whether it is in Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care, our team of committed caregivers and associates are always striving to make our residents feel at home, supported, and cared for each and every day.

It is important to us that our residents get the care and assistance they need while continuing to maintain their independence and autonomy wherever possible. For this reason, we customize our care programs for each resident. Our team will meet with residents or their loved ones to discuss and build an individualized plan for each person so that each resident can get exactly what they need without being bound to a cookie-cutter set of services.

This system is especially true and useful in our Assisted Living and Memory Care assessments. For many, Assisted Living is an introductory level of care that offers a wide range of services that can be added or changed as needed. These services include daily tasks such as laundry, housekeeping, and medication management. Memory Care is the next step in progressive care services, with plans crafted specifically for those with cognitive impairments.


While we are proud to offer the care services in both Assisted Living and our Legacies Memory Care program, we also have another unique offering for those who are not quite ready for Memory Care but are no longer appropriate for Assisted Living. Transitions, as the name suggests, is a bridge between Assisted Living and Memory Care. This innovative program is best suited for individuals who are showing early signs of memory loss and who may need some additional care and oversight.

Transitions is meant to ease residents from one level of care to another allowing our residents to transition gradually. Individuals in the Transitions program can attend the same activities and classes they did in Assisted Living,  and staff will work on an amended schedule to ensure their care needs are met. Depending upon their level of need, they can enjoy all the services and amenities they did in Assisted Living but may ease into an apartment in the Memory Care neighborhood of one of our communities. This means they can be secure in their home, while still enjoying all things they did in Assisted Living. It is not a jarring, abrupt, or forceful change, but rather a gradual transition that accommodates each individual’s circumstances.

Many of our residents make lifelong friends in their communities, and having a program that allows residents to come and go between Assisted Living and Memory Care means they are not separated or isolated from the activities programs, and friends they have grown accustomed to seeing each day. Because our TransitionsTM residents will inevitably need a little more specialized care, they have the benefit of skilled Memory Care caregivers and nurses who can help them adjust to progressing memory loss, and assist them with more daily life needs or health care needs.

TransitionsTM allows the best of both worlds and can be adjusted as needed. Most residents only need a little bit of extra care when they first start moving into Memory Care, but may require more assistance or may choose to participate in more Memory Care specific programming as their cognitive abilities decline. We work with each resident and their loved ones and family to ensure everyone has the best care possible at all times. As your loved ones' needs change, our care evolves to continue to allow us to meet their needs.  

You can learn more about our various Care Levels here, or reach out to your local community with any questions.

We understand you have a lot of senior living options, and we are here to help make the process as smooth and easy as possible. Come visit us and see the Pacifica difference for yourself.

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